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Sunday, December 5th, 2004
3:38 pm
Dreams DO come true!!!
Hey.Well we are back from our last adventure.Damn we had fun.I love my satanic glam punk rocker daughter she can rocks.We get into New Orleans around 8pm to meet up with Ms Scary and her handsome fellow Mr.Mark they decided they wanted to hang out with us at the HiHO so we go to their big old haunted spooky apt in the French Quarter and we had to climb up some really pretty black wooden stairs to get into thier apt so when we first get inside I saw a weird painting that looked like one of Uglys dolls and futher in the night Kerry said she had did the painting for Ugly and it was one of Calebs dead babys that he adopted from Ugly.Man that girl had even captured the spirit of the dead baby.It was great because we have this very very haunted doll that is sad because he has no children to play with so we decided when we got home to put the dead baby and the painting together and he loves it BECAUSE a little child spirit came from Kerry and Marks house to ours.Its was so cool to have a good time and bring something back home for the sad kid.On to the Hi Ho.When we drove up at the club there were these really seedy rough looking people hanging out waiting fothe club to let them ,you know the kind of people you dont want to make eye contact with and you hope they leave you the hell alone...So I say to myself HELL YA this club is gonna rock BOY was I right!We go in Myself, Kerry. Mark and Ugly.We looked for Mr Mike who runs the place and I especially wanted to meet Mike because a dog had bit his lip inside the bar and I wanted to see his lip.Sure enough he had stitches.I know people go hmmm what was a dog doing in the bar well we coonasses do stuff like that.Back in the day we use to share restraunts with all kinds of wildlife.I remember when I was young my sister and I would have to fight a SPIDER MONKEY named Jerry everytime we would be at the bar (it was also a restraunt) he wanted our hamburgers .Man that monkey would win everytime cause he would pull your hair and bite you at the same time.Damn momkey....Okay we got to go BACKSTAGE and there they were the MURDER JUNKIES.Merle looking at Ugly her looking back I was watching to see whatUgly would because she has been known to act like DINO sometimes. Well Merle got up hugged her copped a feel and took a photo with her.Then Kerry got in on the action.I was taking the photo when I noticed and I think Kerry did to that Merles hands were starting to rome and he got this demented look in his eye and I thought damn I better hurry and take this damn photo before Mark comes back here .I didnt know if Mark is the jealous type .Man that would have so cool to film Mark and Merle throwing down but I blinded Merle taking the photo in the nick of time and saved Kerrys ass so girl you owe me one..What was so great was the backstage is really small so you had to be really close to everthing going on and there was alot going on.I wont tell your assses because you should have been there you MISSED out.... There was Dino and Ugly in the bathroom..but I wont tell Ugly went on stage because the crowd was ready for some blood,guts so Ugly went out and gave them just that.They had someother bands that played butI got a kick out of the band Slaughter House from Texas.They were telling us some of their New Orleans horror stories.Their band really rocked hard. The crowd like them and the way you could tell is some of them got thier asses kicked around.One of them got hit on the arm with a beer bottle and got his back bruised up clothes torn off,got stomped in the mosh pit and blood all over the place.You need to check them out.I filmed them too. While we were waiting for the Murder Junkies to go on Dino and Ugly came out of the bathroom and were chatting about hair now that was one surreal moment.I got to go on the stage to tape .The MURDER JUNKIES came on and all HELL broke loose people were spitting, cusssing ,fighting,breaking bones, moshing screaming andI got to go on stage to tape them making history. I was so damn lucky I was in the heartbeat of everything Man I got bragging rites I earned them cause I tryed to film in the front of the mosh pit but I got pushed ,elbowed and some fucker step on my foot and I could not push back because of the camera so I got on stage..and told some girl to get her ass off the stage because I wanted to stand where she was at she turned around looked at me and decided she didnt want to fuck with me and jumped off the stage.I WAS going to tape the Murder Junkies my way...JB the singer could sure hold his own .People were jumping on stage trying to kick his ass but he is abig old boy and would throw them back in the crowd . Like three guys would jumped halfway on the stage but JB would kick there asses all at the same time.Merle wouldnt miss a beat him and the other guy playing knew how to move around where they wouldnt get clubbed or knocked down.JB took them all on at the same time he jumped into the crowd and man like 10 to 12 peolpe all jumped him he broke his finger during that one.Then I turned around to tape DINO and I though WHAT THE HELL nobody told me he was BUCK ASS naked but I composed myself and film him playing the drums.Hey and guess what he has a beautiful body I think it glows in the dark!Well I guess I need to end this and keep some secrets to myself maybe one day I will write a book of course after I am dead so nobody can kick my ass for telling...I had a fucking great experince..Thanks to Merle,JB,DINO Mike Kerry and Mark
Thursday, November 25th, 2004
3:32 pm
I was asked to help out my friend Stinkylady by giving her a ride to spy on her boyfriends house.She wants him to live with her but he says he cant because he is taking care of his mother and she doesnt believe him.If you know me you know I get bored real easy and will always say YES lets go on an adventure anything ,anywhere, any time... Makes life interesting.Sooo here we go we go way into the ghetto but its also runs into a wooded area.She also wanted to put a curse on her boyfriends ex so Ugly whips us up something for me so the cops dont catch me and a curse or two for Flossie.(ex-girlfriend)(like they have anymore you could do to these people)anyway we take out around 2am and on the way we pick up this other helper because its a three man operation...The boyfriends house is set far away from the road and he has a little farm going on,few horses ,cows ,chickens and he also has a haunted house on his property so I really brought my creepy crawling stinkylady along so I could maybe get to check out the haunted area.But nooo the guy that was with us looks like a bushman from Australia very bizzare looking.Okay we get there and guess what Flossies there .Stinkylady decides she has to peep in the window to be sure that its Flossie thats there.Hmm I am thinking to myself if Flossies there how are you going to see her because they are SLEEPING and there is no windows in the room where her boyfriend sleeps!Well Strinky says she has to aleast put the powder (curse stuff) in Flossies car which is parked in back of the house.I said well you two go do what you have to do,I will sit at the road in my car so if something happens I can get youll out of there.They get out start creepy crawling toward the house when I see them take something out of there pockets it was black and shiny I keep thinking to my self well this doesnt look right .Well the two had decided that they didnt want to leave their FOOTPRINTS in the mud so they put the bags over their feet,They are making this sound only a trash bag makes they are also falling down in the mud because the bags are slppery.They slip and slide all the way I am laughing so hard I think I"m about to exploded when all HELL breaks loose.They make it to the back of the house and the farm animals see them and start raising Hell a horse ran up to them looked at them then started hollering and kicking the pen they were in .The cows stared running the chickens clucking and I have no idea what else was screaming.All the lights come on inside the house and outside of the house.I look up here they come slipping sliding and a hollering.They were a sight to see instead of putting the powder on the car the wind took it and coated them with it.They looked like two ghost running down the road the trashbags just a flapping in the wind..Oh it was priceless.......
Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
3:43 am
My Photo by Empx
Monday, March 15th, 2004
1:18 pm
Hey Kids .I have an update on Stinkylady.Stinkylady call me over to her house YEP here we go again.She had some leftover FOOD she wanna to share and oh dod it look yummy .Its was homemade soup made of leftovers and of course it had that special funk that lives in her .Oh I almost forgot she made bread have you NO you have never ever smelled funk bread.Whew I really went over to help her find a hiding place for a very expensive diamond ring one of her men gave her (another one is going to give her a camper)Oh my goodness when I saw that ring hmm I thought maybe I should take some of her funk and rub it all over me so I can get tresures then I took another whiff and said FUCK NO...anyway we start looking for places to hide her ring its a 5000.00 ring people .Well we went into the attic I swear to this there is like 5 snakes that are dead FUNK got them.Poor bastards.Then we decided to tape it under a dresser so if any dumbass would break in they couldnt possibly find it.She wanted to talk about some drama so I told her lets sit outside so she began to tell me a woman at work waited for her in the parking lot and was pissed off because Stinkylady stole her boyfriend and she had passed in front of Stinkyladys house and saw his truck there and she wanted to know what they were up too.I am thinking fixing to die from the funk(can you imagine what her twat smells like)I at this time just want to hurl all over her so she says they were praying YES Stinkylady is a church going woman and the lady asked her if the word stupid is written on her forehead so dumbass Stinky looks and says well no!!I think tonight Stinkylady and scorned woman might throw down at work.I will update .I thinking well maybe I can RUN away fast fast so I dont have to put the food in Uglys car and bring it home to her.I know she would just gooble that soup up and then have to dip the bread in soup and well never mind you know if I came home with soup she would make me eat it!So I try and sneak off but NO I have to go back in the damn curd and watch as she sentence me to a 4hr hurl job all the way home.Get ready I am standing in the hallway and we hear noises coming out of the room where we hid the ring.I go peep and there is a 6foot looking rat rolling the ring around on the floor and then he got the tape caught on himself and all Hell broke loose .You all know what I did I said Fuck-you Stinkylady and FUCK-you Mr Big RAT foaming at the mouth because he tasted the ring and the funk tasting tape and the BIG BIG rat started hollering and a jumping he was a chasing me so I took off running jump in my car and haulass Now I am thinking about that poor old Mr Rat he had to taste the funk.......... Poor Poor Bastard
Sunday, March 7th, 2004
2:45 pm
Fun with Ugly
I just have to share this with UGLYS fans.Well the other night Ugly comes out of her room looking extra white, with huge swollen RED ears,Bee swollen looking lips and looking really odd.Hmm I thought to myself now what kinda look is my kid going for this time and how in the HELL did she achieve it because DAMN that looks real and should look really good on stage.Ugly began to tell me she thinks shes having some kind of attack I"m again thinking thats some good acting!Hmm what are you going for I ask her.She says no I think I am really having an attack so I go look at her up close and starting freaking because its WAS real.She decided to make her self throw-up (which is hard for her to do she is very retentive)and I have flash backs to the movie the EXORCIST because she was throwing up green stuff(she had eaten a large bag of trail mix nuts)so after she throws up she trys to get up and I thought to myself that this looks like a scene in Blue Vevelt and so she jumps in the tub and trys to drown herself with hot water and asked for some vodka looked like a scene from The Shining.WE also had a cat that we had found the day before and was trying to have babies and couldnt so we brought her to the doctor and they had given her a C-section and she was in a box in Uglys bathroom taking care of her babies so everytime we would go in there she would come out screaming, hissing and biting its was so funny next time I am going to have to document Hell in the Bathroom....
Wednesday, February 18th, 2004
9:53 pm
Stinky Lady strikes again
Well today I got a phone call from Stinky lady really needing a ride to work soo I say okay .When I got there she was ready to go so I say to myself well I lucked out and didnt have to visit with her for too long.I drove like HELL to get her to work so she wouldnt funk up the car too bad.I pulled up to her work and she jumped out and I was reveing up the car to haul ass away from there when her boss comes out of the building and begged me to get down and chat for awhile .So I cussed quite a bit and got my ass down and was looking at him when I saw STINKY LADY jumping up and down behind her bosses back.She was running in circles and slapping at herself and I thinking damn the evil eye I gave her must be kicking her ass.No the HELL with the evil eye she had rode in my car with a LIVE RAT sleeping in her coat and he woke up after she got to work and chewed his way out left a big old hole in her coat(even the dirty rat couldnt stand the funk)he jumped on the floor all cockeyed and took a look at her and HAULED ass,I decided to haul ass myself and will never go back to Stinky Ladys job again.Her boss never caught on to what is living in his office a big crazy RAT after he ate that coat who knows what he will turn into!
Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
2:28 pm
New E-mail address
My new e-mail addy mrs_bates666@yahoo.com I still have the excite one but I was getting to much spam at it so I have a new one now.
2:26 pm
Cemetery Photos
Photos we took of the littler Cemetery where we thought we heard Bigfoot.
Friday, February 13th, 2004
11:03 pm
my new purchase
My new purchase it's a
MEDICAL MANNEQUIN here is a better pic of it.

You can buy prosthetics to make him look like he was burnt or has sores,and there are plates in him so you can give him injections!!!!
7:45 pm
My best Valentine present.
Thank-you Ugly Ugly tried to get me the female version of my Valentine present it had a clean pooter scooper that we decided to go to my friends house let see we have name her Stinky Lady we are trying to be nice and show SL how to maybe wash down there and Ugly said we had to go buy a bottle scrubber,3 theives vinegar, welding gloves, face shield etc to have show and tell.Well thank the DEVIL I didnt get the female but I got a male that lost his PENIUS because it snaps on some kinda way and the lady thats selling the doll bought him a new one but it was too BIG and kept falling off.Now here we go I want to know where my doll (his name is KELLY) lost his big weiner did she lose it on the street did some lucky lady find it and how can I get this happy lady to give me back Kellys weiner?Anybody got a small weiner Kelly can have in the mean time???I will make Ugly send me a link to my Bloody Valentine present.My kid ROCKS.............
10:26 am
I am going to have to choke my child!!!
Okay here goes why I need to choke my kid... We were having a conversation about this woman we know that smells really weird in a BAD way you can smell her through a door yes I said door she doesnt even need to knock you smell the funk sliiping through the door NOW thats funk coonass style.Okay back to story I saw this woman in a store and she tells me she is having an affair with not one man but two and its for real she really has men that date her they lie to their wives that they are going fishing or play golf ,etc.Well here comes Ugly and says to me after the lady walks off how do you EXPLAIN to your wife where you have been when you go home smelling like this woman because she smells like smokey dryed meat,fried food, rat pee,day after vomit and whats great if you just stand by her in public the funk jumps off of her and attachs itself to you. Can you imagine what her putter scoop smells like. Now I want to know what these men tell thier wives .Do they tell them they fell in a seweage ditch or step in something dead????? Now you know why I have to choke my child,Everytime I see these people I cant stop screaming and running away.They know if I am screaming they think something is either chasing somebody or the law is after somebody and they start running with me.Now you see WHY I run from Bigfoot its because I CAN outrun him...
Tuesday, February 10th, 2004
3:18 pm
Hi Kids.
Well I guess its about time I start to write again in my journal.To CIRCLE JERKS again I am REAL .I am UGLYS mother and not a figament of UGLYS imagainination.If you are cursed enough to know UGLY than your best be damn lucky to know me because I am her keeper and can protect you from her rath! Hmmm where to start OKAY let me start with me getting Ugly and I chased by BIGFOOT.Yep a REAL BIGFOOT!!!I get poor UGLY into all kinds of wonderful adventures and if you have hung out with me you know these are TRUE happenings.Ask Ugly how much fun we had before at BIGFOOTS graveyard .All I can say is I dont think many parents have gotten to see their daughter DIGGING through a BIGFOOTS leftovers (while the creature is peeping at us through the swamps)its indescrible and you the mom staring back at the creature he looks hungry and you JUST had a meal smelling like beef and your kid finally gets the creatures leftovers for her band member MICHAEL and decides hmmm I thinks its time we get back to the car to get away from this drooling creature and I have decided that HEY this creature is not going to eat my ass and I braek out running and my child is fussing at me not to run.Well FUCK that I took wings with my coat a flapping in the wind and sailed right into my car where my gun. mace and a fast car was awaiting.END OF STORY I am going back this week and leave him some food I am gonna try and adopt him too!!!I have also been seeing alot of UFOS in this area.Will update later
Sunday, August 10th, 2003
4:14 pm
I posted this on Tricky Rat's live journal http://www.livejournal.com/users/trickyrat and I thought I'd also post it here to keep a diary of what all is going on with this crap.

Hey Tricky welcome to LJ.I'd like to take this opportunity to address you GOTHBOY.Because I'm sure you will be reading this.I know you all will be trolling Tricky's LJ trying to find every little tid bit of info he puts on here so you all can rant and rave about it.I am UGLY'S mother not that it matter to you but I don't give a damn what you are impress with are us or not.You are nothing to us.You started all these vicious attacks against UGLY by you and your buddy BOBBY-O reading UGLY'S live journal which is creepy because of the fact you and Bobby-O hate UGLY.Hmmm you must be one of the people that were bitching about not being invited to partake of the debauchery at GOTHCON.Damn because that's when you e-mailed her asked her where your money was.Like a good Satanist she answered you where your money was.Didn't like someone standing up to a bully like you.Okay here's where I need you to concentrate listen up GOTHBOY.We were only vendors at all the Gothcons and you have to pay money to them to whore your ARTWORK,Duh Duh ,Duh no they don't pay you so go be whinny at someone who gives a fuck.I raised a daughter as a good Satanist mother could to not be a sheep and its not our fault that you do not know how not to grab your own ankles and get it up your ass too bad .Listen up this is what UGLY and I asshole of the world actually give no one access to anything that is ours such as money.
Wednesday, July 30th, 2003
11:01 pm
Happy Birthday Szandora.
A very happy birthday to Szandora She is my favorite adopted diseased whore I love her as much as my own media whore child.LOL Just remember you are perfect because Satan doesn't make mistakes! ;)
Monday, June 30th, 2003
4:03 pm
Gothcon Inquisition
The post on Gothcon Inquisition mysteriously disappeared so I'm posting it here and Shyla will post it on her LJ also.I guess they couldn't take the heat so they had to get out of the kitchen......

Tawanda! dandelion_diva replied to your LiveJournal post in which you said:
Their reply was:
Oh. Well, now I'm scared.
Listen lady, if you actually *are* this person's mother, you're a shoddy one. Standing up for your kid when sie has *clearly* fucked up is not only stupid but harmful to the kid.
Btw, this isn't a board, it is a LiveJournal community. Difference.
If people did send death-threats, they're asshats who aren't worth any of our breath.
But this is moronic.
Bye now.

Jezebel ladyjezebel replied to your LiveJournal post in which you said:


Dear Madame,
Thank you for your posting. It has been stated numerous times personal attacks, etc. are not tolerated, etc. Therefore this community would be immune against any legal action taken on your part. If the actions you allege are happening, these would individual's actions and not promoted, approved or condoned by this LJ community.
Although I can appreciate your concern over your daughter's welfare, please do not make the mistake of believing that she is pure and innocent and has not herself thrown some nasty and possibly construed threatening remarks.

Peter taintedpeter replied to your LiveJournal post in which you said
Subject: Warning about posting as your own mother


There are certain things about written text you can use to compare two works to see if the authors are the same.
For example, one can count the average number of adjectives before nouns, this pattern is remarkably efficient when comparing text and has even been known to be submissible as part of supporting evidence in a court of law.
Other tell-tale signs are certain textual artefacts like a certain number of spaces after periods. In fact, it is possible to find out if the author is using English or American standards in text simply by noting that the number of spaces is two. Same author derived works also have a habit of using exactly the same kind of emphasis, whether it being capitalisation, emboldened text, italics, underscores or surrounding the statement with asterix'.
Artefacts relevant to this post in particular would also include; no single-spacing after a comma, double quotation-marked sentences include both a period before and after the concluding quotation-mark. Average number of concatenations per sentence.
Now for the remarks themselves which are claimed to come from the mother of the person whom is the subject of the post.
First off, the people who think that there are no laws to protect the daughter of someone from receiving threatening emails is quite astute, there are none that exist, it can be submissible as evidence if logs are kept, headers are kept and other relevant information verified. A simple redirect through anonymous proxy or a specially crafted UDP packet can easily masquerade a header and therefore proving that an email originated from anywhere is extremely difficult unless concurring records are also kept with the sender or the senders account and ISP. Obviously receiving emails that purport to be from organisations are almost always useless as the email must be sufficiently encrypted, signed and verified to be provable in court. Readers may note that emails were sent asking for passwords and credit-card details that apparently originated from Microsoft (MSFT). In a similar sense, a LiveJournal community cannot be held accountable for emails send in their name unless palpable verification is given.
Also I'd like to point out that your post could also be taken as a threat, depending on what you consider would be hell to pay. As no verification to this identity be gleaned, in fact, it seems there is evidence to suggest that this is merely a duplicate identity, my advice would be to simply remove this entire thread as you are perfectly within your rights to do. Further allegations are also made, but because of the previous facts should probably be also ignored. I would suggest that any consideration of litigation by either party would lead to a follow-up counter sue and be thrown out of court if any court or lawyer would pursue it in the first place, which is highly doubtable.

Peter taintedpeter replied to another comment somebody left in your LiveJournal post. The comment they replied to was:
Subject: Re: Warning about posting as your own mother


Please excuse the second post, but I'd also suggest banishment of this poster.

AngelSil angelsil
replied to your LiveJournal post in which you said
Their reply was:
I am a moderator on this community and we will be responding to this post later in the day.Obviously, we aim to keep personal attacks off this community. We do not condone attacks of violence or threats thereof and there are none in this forum. We are excersing our first amendment right to get the truth out there and that is the primary purpose of this forum. Your daughter has chosen to be the spokesperson of an event we consider to be fraudulent and that puts us on opposite sides of the fence. Fair enough. However, when invited to come tell us HER point of view, she responded with insults and innuendos of threats. That certainly got a rise out of people, which is what she indicated she wanted in the first place.
Obviously, we cannot be held accountable for what people do off this forum. If you supply me with proof of these emailed threats, I would be more than happy to address the parties involved. In the meantime, I would advise you to view in a clearer light how your daughter chooses to deal with people who don't agree with her. We here did not start the personal attacks. It was Shyla and it was way before this forum even existed - over on GothCon Babylon. In fact, *she* threatened many of *us*. Speaking in legal terms, her words could be considered to be libelous as a minimum.

Exterminator replied to another comment somebody left in your LiveJournal post. The comment they replied to was:
Subject: Re:
It is everything you are saying in reaction to VIOLENT THREATS towards unbelievable people that I know and that I consider my friends.
I believe a lawyer has to be contacted if these threats persist against Shyla and I certainly will help her with that.

Their reply was:
What violent threats? She has not been threatened on this community. We do not condone any actions of that type. We are merely here to inform people. If anyone here has threatened her, please bring out your evidence. Until then, it's all hearsay.

Exterminator replied to your LiveJournal post in which you said:
Their reply was:
Their reply was: Subject: Re:


It is funny how you would condemn diffamation on your community then. It must be my eyes, I am not seeing all these people saying this is not Shyla's mom writing either ?
Yes it's well known Shyla has no mother and I am arguying with these people who find it a "threat" of me to answer them but for them to insinuate it is not you talking well then this is not Diffamation at all either. I am curious to learn if these people know any legal definitions of what they're doing and saying..

Tad Disingenuous

Their reply was:


User: gothmom_darlene (1150654)
Date created: 2003-06-29 22:25:03
Do not feed the trolls.
angelsil replied to another comment somebody left in your LiveJournal post. The comment they replied to was:

There have been no threats made against Shyla, her mother, Snow, Caleb, Bobby or anyone else on this community. There may have been derogatory remarks, but there was NO VIOLENCE implied or threatened. As for the derogatory remarks, they pale in comparison to what Shyla herself has called us both in her journal and in other forums for the past 18 months. So, if you ask me, we're even there.
If you will note my above post, I asked Shyla's mother to contact me with the necessary information and I would do what I could to address whomever is making these threats. While we cannot control what an individual does outside of this community, I would certainly be willing to try and reason with whomever feels violence is a solution. We all feel strongly about the GothCon issue (Shyla included if her journal is to be believed), but that is no excuse for threats of violence. Again, it WILL NOT be tolerated.
If someone is making threats of violence against Shyla, then I would encourage her to seek help from the law enforcement community before finding a lawyer. Lawyers are of limited use in this situation. Trust me.

Exterminator replied to another comment somebody left in your LiveJournal post. The comment they replied to was:
Subject: Re:
I am at least glad to hear that these threats would not be tolerated here (or in any community). It is still unbeliavable for me to read about what is being said about Shyla's mom. Yes that is her talking.
Lawyers by themselves sure are not of a quick help (but on the long run with obviously any legal procedings) so I do agree also about the help of the law enforcment here, fortunately I have the chance to have both in my entourage (which has been in the past of great help for me). I believe things have gone too far and I cannot not help people whom I love very much that I see go through such a situation.

Rafe etcet replied to another comment somebody left in your LiveJournal post. The comment they replied to was:
Their reply was:
Subject: Shyla = Zaphod ?


"There was an accident involving a contraceptive and a time machine. . . "
I think it's more than fair to be suspicious of this poster, as pointed out above via posting style [incoherent, rambling, space-free] as well as the general demeanor.
I'll derive some personal amusement from AS playing "good cop," tho. *g*

Exterminator replied to another comment somebody left in your LiveJournal post. The comment they replied to was:
Subject: Re: Subject:
oh now the post has been taken down. Perhaps a good move from the moderators because they could also be incriminated if any action is taken. I'm glad I saved it all before though :)
2:30 am
Replys to my post
Read some of the brilliant replies here.Apparently I'm not really Shyla's mom but a imposter.HA HA HA
2:26 am
My post to gcinquisition because my daughter is getting threating and harassing e-mails from the people on the community......

Warning to the perpetrator or perpetrators of the GCInquisition.I am Ugly Shyla's mother.I am going to warn this Live Journal community and whoever else that seems to think that there are not laws to protect my daughter and any other victim of this protest against your threatening e-mails.My daughter had recived e-mails from people that say they are a part of GCInquisition that are threating to do things from rape to slicing people throats.Do you really think this is a joke ?Is that what you all mean about e-mailing people to "inform them" about Gothcon.It means to e-mail the committee members and anybody that is even going to gothcon to threat them with bodily harm????"Personal attacks will not be tolerated.".That is a lie this board has launched personal attacks against Caleb,Ugly Shyla and also took pot shots at the Blueblood folks because they posted a reply in my daughters LJ.When she was talking about Gothcon Forrest wasn't even talking about or even taking up for gothcon but you all still had to e-mail him and annoy him.If any of you come within a few feet of my daughter I will take this as a threat there will be HELL to pay if something happens to her because of these threats YOU will be held accountable.How dare you incite people to harm anyone because you don't like what you THINK happen at Gothcon.I am going to tell this to you one time only my daughter nor I being her manager had any dealings with the money at GothCon last year and won't this year and we are not thieves and you best be able to prove what you are saying.You also will not dictate to anyone in my family if we can support an event whether you like it are not.Don't you threaten us anymore! I can and will trace your e-mails down and put your butts in jail where it belongs.Why are you only harassing Ugly,Caleb and now the Blueblood folks? You started all this mess because someone went to my daughters LJ and and read her personal opinions then they picked what they wanted to copy and harass her with.This had better STOP! Now everybody can go and start saying Ugly had to have her Mom take up for her and her friends.ANY mother would take up for their child and if any of you are parents and wouldn't do the same for your child in this situation you must be terrible parents!
1:16 am
New LJ
I have a new LJ now.I couldn't get the password to update my old one because of some e-mail problems so everyone add this new one to your friends list.
My daughters website   About LiveJournal.com